Brian, Your service was OUTSTANDING! Need I say more! On less than 24 hours notice you were able to accommodate our requirement to have a house inspected as we were leaving town the following day. My wife and I have owned 4 different houses in the past 10 years and of all the inspections we have experienced yours was by far the most comprehensive. You were willing to explain a lot of new items to me (e.g. Heat Pump, well, septic system, pressure tank to name a few). You were honest, objective and made us feel that our purchase was worth it.

Christopher and Monique England-Cumberland, Ontario

Brian Callaghan’s friendly manner made it easier to ask questions. His explanations were straightforward and thorough. He took his time and certainly knew what he was doing. Brian went out of his way to help-while inspecting the exterior a car backed into our vehicle and Brian took pictures and sent them to us-very helpful. The whole inspection was actually interesting and very informative.

Janet and Rick Higgins-Nepean, Ontario

How many inspectors know anything about “Wood Foundations”? I was very fortunate in having a knowledgeable, very professional inspector (Brian Callaghan). He spent a great deal of time informing me about wood foundations/maintenance and also small electrical concerns. Without his input and expertise the foundation issues and roof shingles would not have been brought to my attention. As a result, as a purchaser I was able to reduce my original offer by $3000.00 for roof shingle replacement and the seller incurred the expenses for repair to the foundation and drainage. Therefore, minimum $6000.00 was saved by myself and piece of mind!

Ms. Beth Coe-Stittsville, Ontario

Having been involved in construction for over thirty years I felt I was capable of making a good assessment of the condition of any house. Fortunately I decided to contract Alert Inspection Services Ltd. (Brian Callaghan) when I made an offer on a new home. I was most surprised at the depth and extent of the inspection that they provided. They provided a complete analysis that not only showed us many problem areas but also provided recommendations for the most cost effective way of initiating repairs. Thanks for the excellent job.

Mr. Michael O’Byrne-Ottawa

Brian Callaghan is a very professional person in every aspect of his job. He knew I was a 1st time homebuyer & explained “everything” in great detail (in lay terms). He advised me of both the short and long term concerns. I asked Brian specifics concerning costs of repairs etc.—– and he gave me ball park figures that I could work with but also added it was best left to the appropriate professionals. I turned down this home, but used Brian again within the week and with my eyes “open” purchased a new home. I have already referred Brian to a colleague that asked.

Mr. Richard Bartlett-Mountain, Ontario

Brian, we appreciated the thorough job you did on inspecting the property we purchased. Versus other inspection services we have used, your service was excellent and covered all the bases, your assessment of the electrical system in the home was good and your suggestion of bringing in an electrician to do a review of the integrity of the total system was a good one. Thank You.

Mr. Jamie Milners-Nepean, Ontario

I was impressed with the inspector’s professionalism and the detail of the inspection. I compared Alert Inspection Services ltd. with the inspector who acted for the purchasers of my home and Alert showed a greater level of professionalism and in my opinion did a much better inspection. I will recommend Alert to my friends and coworkers.

Mr. Steven Hartling-Cumberland, Ontario

I found Brian very professional, his advice and explanations easy to understand. As a first time homebuyer he certainly added to my “Comfort level” in moving ahead with my purchase with confidence. I will certainly recommend his service to any of my friends and colleagues who require inspection services. Thank You.

Ms. Elisabeth Wood-Gloucester, Ontario

I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent service you gave us when inspecting our new home for purchase. I was very pleased that both a friend and our real estate agent recommended you personally. The time you spent with us gave us a good deal of insight into the home we did decide to go ahead and purchase. As first time homebuyers we needed to know what had to be done both immediately and over a bit of time. Both my husband and I believe that you took the time to lead us through very thoroughly. Thank you again for your time and expert advice.

Ms.Christine Hywarren-Ottawa, Ontario

Very professional and effective service. The inspection was very useful in pointing out a number of things that I never would have noticed on my own. The detailed and comprehensive report will be a valuable guide to making a number of repairs and changes required for the house.

Mr. Sven Linkruus-Ottawa, Ontario

Brian, we would like to take this opportunity to express how extremely pleased my wife and I were with the information you provided for us regarding our home inspection. It was nice to know that we had someone as professional as yourself looking after our best interest. Purchasing a home is a major undertaking and it should not be taken lightly. Your inspection brought us back down to reality which allowed us to concentrate on more than the physical appearance of the home and more so on the structural, electrical, and plumbing components (just to mention a few). We bought with confidence our first home and we are grateful for the services that Alert Inspection Services Ltd. provided. Thank you once again.

Mr. & Mrs. Griess-Dunrobin Shores, Ontario

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Jody & Liane Nickerson

My sister in law recommended Brian for inspection of our new home. Not only did we find Brian knowledgeable and thorough, but he was engaging, insightful and down right funny at times. Bravo on your ability to make people feel confident in their life’s largest purchase.
If you want your new home covered top to bottom, Brian is your guy.


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