Finding the Right Home Inspector

Know what to expect and choose a professional you can trust:

Here’s how to find the right home inspector:

Look for an inspector before you shop for a home. If you choose a home first, time is critical and you may feel pressured to pick the first inspector you meet.

Ask friends and family for recommendations or look up a list of local inspectors on the American Society of Home Inspectors website,, Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada website, http://www.phpic,ca, National Home Inspector Certification Council website

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Qualifications Be sure your inspector is familiar with the particular type of house you’re considering. Homes of different ages, designs and materials each have special risks and offer special signs, symptoms and clues to hidden damage.

Membership Look for an inspector with a broad knowledge of a home’s systems and structures, not just a specialized person such as a plumber or electrician. Membership in professional associations insures you that the inspector you choose has met very stringent provincial and national standards required for performing inspections to a standard of practice and adhere to a code of ethics.

Experience Do your research and ask lots of questions of prospective inspectors, including their backgrounds, the length of time they’ve been in the business , the number of inspections they’ve performed and what sort of report they’ll provide.

Make sure your inspector is objective, independent and does not have any affiliation with the real estate agency selling the home.

Choose an inspector who carries errors and omissions insurance.

Take the time to speak with several inspectors and have confidence in their skills and demeanor.

Choose an inspector who can deliver a completed report with plenty of time for review. Also request an electronic copy so you can e-mail it to friends and family.

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