Buying a house is a wonderful, thrilling and sometimes stressful time for most home buyers. Not knowing all the facts about a potential property purchase can have lasting effects for years to come and end up costing you, the buyer, thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs.

Why gamble with the largest investment that most people will probably ever make? That’s exactly what you are doing by not getting a Pre-purchase home inspection done performed by a properly qualified and certified home inspector.

A Home Inspection by Alert inspection Services Ltd. can help alleviate some of the stresses involved with purchasing a new house. We offer a comprehensive inspection of all facets of the property. We also encourage all potential home buyers to accompany us on the inspection so that we may answer any questions you have relating to your future property. The inspector will take the time to explain any concerns about the property, and will educate you on what maintenance is required to keep your new home in good working condition. By attending the inspection you will gain the maximum benefit of the entire inspection process.

After the home inspection is complete, the inspector will provide you a verbal explanation of any deficiencies found on the property. A clear and concise written copy of the report is prepared and delivered at the time of the inspection or within one business day. Our written reports are is a comprehensive, easy to read report with diagrams to explain conditions found in the house and probable causes of any deficiencies.

Beware: All home inspection companies are not the same. Companies that charge less usually give you less, and the cost of a mistake on a home inspection can be enormous after you move in. Since 1990, our qualified professionals have Provided clients with the valuable information needed to help make one of life’s most important decisions.

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